21 September 2010

The Secret to Hyperlocal Publishing

For the past few years, there's been a lot of rising hype about hyperlocal publishing.

As print media revenues decline, corporations and individuals alike scramble to make anything resembling profits in an otherwise dying industry. As they do, more and more have switched their business models to focus on, at least on the surface, going "hyperlocal."

I won't go into the details of what qualifies as hyperlocal, or the ways in which entities are reaching into the hyperlocal well. You can visit Wikipedia's entry as a starting point to learn more.

So, what is the secret to hyperlocal publishing? There is none.

That's right. There is no secret to hyperlocal publishing. If you use your blog to post about events, local personalities, or issues affecting your town, you're already a hyperlocal publisher. That is all there is to publishing hyperlocal content.

As long as your content is focused on your locality and is meant to serve the residents of your area of the world, you are a hyperlocal publisher. Save your money; don't buy the guides. You're already a hyperlocal publisher!

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