20 October 2012

Romney Debate Statements That Could Hurt His Bid

During the past two presidential debates between Democratic incumbent Barack Obama and Republican hopeful Mitt Romney, the GOP candidate made potentially detrimental statements that have surprisingly received no criticism.

There are two statements that were stand-outs as potentially damaging to Romney’s campaign:
  • “I believe that we are all children of the same god.”
  • “Free markets need regulations to work.”
Children of the Same God
There are several obvious reasons Romney’s statement that he believes we are all children of the same god has the potential to damage his campaign. In a nation filled with a population that increasingly declares itself to be nonreligious, atheists, and polytheistic pagans, his statement alienates all those who fall into these categories.

More damning to his campaign, however, is that he uses that reference to the “same god.” Why would this be so problematic? Romney is a devout Mormon. All too many polls show that upwards of 65 percent of Christians in America do not consider Mormonism to be a form of Christianity. Keeping in mind how tightly he sticks to his Mormon beliefs, one can only imagine how many Christian may have bristled at his assertion, which is normally received well-enough when coming from some of the world’s longer established monotheistic religions.

Free Markets Need Regulations

In the first presidential debate, the questions focused on domestic policy. This, of course, centered strongly on the economy. In this debate, Romney clearly stated that “free markets need regulations to work.”  If only the media had panned to a shot of Paul Ryan cringing at Romney’s statement.

In choosing Ryan as his running mate, Romney obviously hoped to garner the support of Tea Partiers, but even more specifically, the Ayn Randists who continuously call for the end of regulations. Those who cling tightly to the ideas and warnings that Ayn Rand presented in “Atlas Shrugged” truly believe that the world is worse off because of all those pesky regulations. Things like, bans on child labor, minimum wage, environmental standards, and such.  

No Mention in the Press?
With all the flak Romney received for his Big Bird and binders full of women statements, it’s a wonder that he didn’t receive much more biting criticism from his base for his free market regulations and same god statements. Of course, it’s not all that surprising. After all, Obama has yet to get called out with any significance for his blatant violations of international laws and war crimes committed under the auspice of drone warfare. Why should Romney be any different?

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