28 May 2005

Body Erotic

In response to Shannon's question, Body Erotic is a book I've been writing for the past year plus. When finished, you can read it straight through as a novel or as a collection of short stories. Each story focuses on a character's obsession with a particular body part. I intend to make the stories a bit on the odd side. Sure, I could write about a fellow with a foot fetish, and sure, to a vanilla reader the premise would seem odd, but it's been done to death.

An example of how I plan to stay original is found in my short story, "Eyes, 1982." Reuben "Revie" Madock, an eighteen-year-old punk living with his parents in L.A., longs to look into his neighbors eyes as he has sex with her. She is a fading soap opera star, but he doesn't care. What he doesn't like is his same-aged neighbor, Lexi Urte. She is cross eyed and demanding. He's "screwed" her when he was drunk and regrets it. Eventually he comes to long for her crossed eyes, because they make her look as though she's in eternal orgasm.

Twisted enough?

In another story, called "Joints, 2005," a professional ergonomonist seeks the perfect lover—one who fits his dimensions as to ensure a night free of muscle kinks. He builds a model but is unsatisfied with the lifelessness. He hits the road to find the perfect match, finds her, only to discover his dimensions have changed in his hunt thereby blowing his whole plan. What does he resolve to do? Wait tell I finish the story to find out.

My biggest problem with writing these stories is having an actual idea of how I want them to go. How is that a problem? I get stuck when it doesn't come out of me the way I intend.

Well, that's Body Erotic in a nutshell. I'll probably work on it more extensively once school's out, maybe do a little research while I'm at it, too...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explaination. I have a much better idea of what you are working with now. And that new word you discovered is perfect!