26 May 2005

Rise in Farenheit

I received the word of the day, a word that I plan to use for my Body Erotic book: soduriferous. It means sweaty or sweat producing. Need I say more...


Robert Casserly said...

Soduriferous--I love it!

I recently read a book that used the adjective "penile" to mean "like a penis."

But I can't wait to use it somewhere to mean "an old guy who takes Viagra."


Kyle Stich said...

"Penile" lol. I like to use "penicular" myself.

Anonymous said...

That is a great word! lol. What is this about your Body Erotic book? Sounds interesting.

Your heading to this post is very appropriate for the weather!

OK, I now feel like I am caught up, with your blog anyway. lol.