16 May 2005

How to Spoof

Am I lazy or jealous? My boys don't have school today, some sort of inservice day. They're all excited, waking early and begging me for the computer so they can watch Thumb Wars. Which brings me to an interesting question: Are there any books out on how to write spoofs?

If no book exists, maybe I need to write one. I remember loving Mel Brooks flicks as a kid—watching Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Silent Movie, and Spaceballs. I once read a National Lampoon book called Bored of the Rings, a spoof of Tolkein's classic epic tale. The style pervades, yet I've never found a book that talks about how to write in such a humorous way.

Well, I'm off to tutor some people in my favorite style: academic essay. (See "Lack of Training" for sarcastic context.)

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