25 May 2005

Stress Relieved

The urgency to work on my novella has dissipated thanks to my capstone coordinator coordinator, Craig Wright. I wrote him yesterday to ask if I could use the English & Writing Department Website rewrite instead of my novella to meet the capstone requirements. He said, "Yes." Now I need to check out the room we will use for our presentations because it will steer the form (i.e. Is it a smart room? Do I need to capture screens for overhead projector transparencies?)

While attending the opening weekend of Star Wars Episode III, I stood in line for almost an hour. Kids flashed and clashed their plastic light sabers. Parents laughed and scolded. A barely-old-enough security guard scowled. What a perfect time to write a poem for my waiting series. Claustrophobia demanded I write the poem using overheard utterances. Here's the poem in its raw form; I intend to work it into something more "desirable" in the near future:

Waiting 3: Episode III

Dozens of Padiwan
Boys stroke each others sabers
I have two
I'm a wookie
Guess who I am
It's okay
Watch your eyes guys
I'm Anakin
Light sabers down
Save it for the movie
Weapons down
You with the big gun
Darth, I'm you once I'm young
Say "Anakin, you are my clone"
Look at my thermal detonator
Up against the wall
Better not mess with Darth Vader
I'm telling you
It's kid row
Even the guys
They tried

Kyle Stich, 21 May 2005


Robert Casserly said...

Cool news about the capstone. Now we can both show websites for our project. The smart rooms have a computer with internet, no need to get into screen capture, me thinkest. I think just surfing around the site is ample visuals to accompany our presentations.


Anonymous said...

Hey when is your guys' capstone (you and robert)? I might just have to come, or are outside people not invited? And that is great, stress relief is important. I used screen captures in my power point presentation last summer when talking about the website I worked on. It worked for me, but I didn't really have the time to surf around on the internet. And I was too nervous! I love your whole "waiting series" idea by the way.


Kyle Stich said...

We only really have to read off our two-page project reflection written for Craig Wright. We only need to talk for about five minutes.