24 June 2005

Bettie and Jesus

I know this young woman with a "sordid" past. Basically, she partied too hard, had a kid at a young age, had another at a still young age, all while she was loaded. Picture her place with me:

Every room in the small one room apartment contains some form of Christian symbolism—a cross, a footprints plaque, a picture of a bloody Christ from The Passion—and an even bigger depiction of Bettie Page clad with leather, whips, and chains.

This confused me. Why would someone who turned to Christ still adorn her pad with such deviance?

It wasn't until I heard her say, "I need order not chaos," and how her daughter had made paper chains to remind her of her required servitude to Christ. All the pieces fell in line.

Bettie Page fit perfectly in her belief system. I initially viewed her as a hypocrite but soon learned my mistake. But, I still don't understand why she dresses like a hoochie when she goes out, complaining about men, but goes home with the first one that comes along.

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