23 June 2005

Naked for Peace

Why didn't anyone send me the memo on this one? http://rogueimc.org/en/2005/06/4780.shtml

I'm all for public nudity, especially when it fleshes out as a form of political expression. Could you imagine the look on the faces of those OSF tourists, having a fleshy freaks flock past them, screaming world peace.

Gertie — A Wyoming Grandmother
Shelly — A Wyoming Granddaughter
Star — An Ashland Partier/Activist
Marcy — An Ashland Nude Rider, around 25
Mort — A Medford Nude Rider, around 60

STAR: Women and Children, cover your eyes or behold a peace stripped bare! Women and Children, cover your eyes or—

SHELLY: Excuse me, sir. What do you mean by a peace stripped bare?

GERTIE: (under her breath, with a squeeze to Shelly's arm)Don't speak to that dirty man, Shelly. Can't you smell the booze on his breath?

STAR: (wavering) Who you calling dirty, lady? (laughing and thumbing over his shoulder) How's that for dirty?

(Down the road comes a flock of flesh on wheels)

GERTIE: (squinting toward the riders) What are they doing?

STAR: Riding for peace, of course. Welcome to Ashland, Biddy.

SHELLY: Grandma, why are they all naked?

(The flock passes and two riders wave at Star, breaking from the pack to chat with him.)

MARCY: Star, baby! How've ye been?

STAR: (Hugging the robust woman first, then the elderly rider) Educating the masses. What else?

MORT: Why ain't you riding, man?

(Gertie pushes Shelly along, who is gaping at the nude riders.)

STAR: So, I can share your story with these good folks. (He reaches out and grabs Gertie by the back of her shirt.)

GERTIE: Let me go, pervert.

STAR: (Letting go of the old woman.) But, ma'am, here's your chance to ask them what they're doing.

MORT: (Winking) We ride for World Peace, ma'am.

GERTIE: (obviously disgusted) Sir, you don't need to strip to ride for World Peace.

MARCY: We got your attention though, now didn't we? Don't tell me you won't tell your friends back home what you saw here.

SHELLY: (Looking at Marcy) Excuse me, but aren't you embarrased at all? (tugging her belly shirt over the top of her pants)

MARCY: I'm comfortable with my body, sister. You should be too.

(A whistle blows from down the street and someone waves Marcy and Mort toward them. M & M kick off and wave goodbye to Star and the tourists from Wyoming.)

STAR: Now, they're good people. (Starting off down the road) Women and Children, cover your eyes or behold a peace stripped bare!

SHELLY: (shifting her belly shirt to show some ponch) Grandma, do you think—

GERTIE: Don't even think about it, Shelly. Now, let's get back to the hotel before some other ingrate tries to have sex with us.

(Gertie pushes Shelly along, who looks over her shoulder at the vanishing streak of wheels.)

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