30 June 2005

Spiders in My Screen

So, I didn't buy my domain or secure a PO Box yesterday. The PO Box won't be available until today, and I didn't want to register my domain with a forwarding service until I discuss matters further with my Webdesigner friend.

Webdesigner: I wonder how many of these folks feel like a spider with an artistic bent. I see Charlotte telling Wilbur, "I don't just spin webs; I design them."

What purpose do webs serve? They catch flies, flies too busy to stop and stay for dinner without the assistance of the woven traps. I know the Web was named for the lines of connected communication between computer systems, but maybe the meaning goes deeper than interconnectedness. Maybe the word "trap" is implied.

Every morning, I sit down to write my blog and check my e-mail. Every morning, I tell myself to finish quickly so I can move on to writing fiction or poetry. Every morning, the Web tempts me with the glistening morning dew of fresh stories and ideas and it traps me.

Oh yeah, did you hear about the strange footprints they found in Auckland?

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