01 July 2005

When Personal and Professional Overlap

I've recently begun my online search for literary journals and magazines. I have all these poems I wrote for classes and during breaks but never submitted any of them. I submitted some short fiction, but that's it. The drive to submit my work eats at me everyday: Get off your butt. Send in one a day. Send five a week.

While finding review sites to send a recent release from my job, The Franciscan Conspiracy, I ran across two sites that have made my search miles easier:

Poetry & Literary Magazines, Journals, Ezines - 2005

NewPages Guide to Literary Magazines

Each site lists over 400 links to lit mags and the like. NewPages.com even gives a fairly detailed description of many of the journals.

So, I have the list but how best to track where I submit and when I can submit to other zines? I resolved to create an Excel database for every poem. I printed out the spreadsheet and all my poems, then placed them in a folder. I have to do something with all these extra folders leftover from my time at the university.

Explore these sites if you're looking for a comprehensive list of possible journals. As I named the submission column on SPEWS, submit yourself to writing.

My weekend to-do list:

1. Write a press release for The Franciscan Conspiracy.
2. Prepare poems for submission to five journals.
3. Prepare two fiction pieces for five journals.
4. Design a logo for Rogue Writing.
5. Create a slogan for Rogue Writing.
6. Conceptualize content for www.roguewriting.com.
7. Watch Independence Day parade and fireworks.

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