16 June 2005

Writing Longhand

I used to require paper and a black medium ball-point Bic pen to write anything. I spent hours taking notes and composing academic essays and erotic letters. Then I would sit down at my keyboard, transcribe, and correct. I spent close to a year attempting to write at the computer instead of wasting precious time with the tedious process of writing longhand first. My problem has reversed.

Now, I sit down with paper and pen and listen to a voice screaming in the back of my head about how I'm wasting time, about how many ideas are dissipating to the ether because my fingers can't move fast enough to get them on the sheet before me. I can't quite find a happy medium.

I've been instructed in the art of freewriting, but have yet to completely free myself, to turn off that internal editor. Even when I come close, I look back at what I wrote and shake my head: "How can I ever use that garbage?" Maybe I need to write blindfolded, or better yet, maybe I need to learn how to record my thoughts with some sort of voice device. Mostly, I need to just get my ideas down somehow, somewhere.

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Robert Casserly said...

Sounds to me like you need of of these:

If the link does not work, go to Amazon.com and search for "Sony ICD-ST25VTP Digital Voice Recorder."