17 June 2005

Writer's Ethics

I interviewed for a position at a place many would consider a house of ill repute. During said interview, the hiring manager asked a classic: "What is your ideal work environment?" I responded with any equally classic response about just wanting to feel comfortable, and one that challenged me, yaddah-yaddah.

I really wanted to say the position should benefit research for my erotica. I can meet all kinds of "freaks" and find out exactly how wild or tame said establishments can be. Is it ethical to withhold my true intentions for seeking employment in said industry of ill repute? Or, am I merely living up to my reputation as a rogue writer?

Well, I only just now interviewed and may not have said job anyway, so I may not need ponder too terribly deep about my self-imposed moral dilemma. But, I sure hope I got it!

p.s. I have a letter to the editor in this month's Writers Digest (July 2005).

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