13 July 2005

Recurring Leads

When you profess to be a writer, friends tend to pass leads your way. Take the position I applied for today: my friend Luke e-mailed me an advertisement for Morgan & Chase Publishing, Inc.. This is the second time this lead fell in my lap. At the beginning of this year, a classmate gave me the number, but I never followed through. I told myself I was too busy to take on employment. Now, I'm ready.

I need a second job to supplement my part-time income at Caveat Press. What better secondary job than writing? I never realized the persistent need in today's job market for writers. I thought we came a dime a dozen, sort of like this cliche.

Should you ever come across writing leads you don't feel like pursuing yourself, by all means, pass them on to me. I might not pursue most of them but will consider all.


theresa said...

I hope it turns out to be a good thing for you.

And, if you come across a profitable position for a Love Goddess, give me a shout!

Kyle Stich said...

I'll keep my eyes out. I've seen many such ads, but they're always in the personals. ;)~

Anonymous said...

Good thing you didn't take the job at Morgan & Chase Publishing, they are becoming known for stiffing people.

One blogger warns others of how horrible Morgan and Chase Publishing is.

The story starts back over two years ago, when the blogger was approached to prebuy 12 copies of their new “Treasures of Western Washington” coffee table travel book. They were totally mis-sold on the product to start with. They were told they would get an exclusive entry for their town, listing on their web site, it would be delivered by June.

Well for starters they didn’t get it until December. The design and layout were dated, looking like something from the seventies. Then to their dismay there was another Bed and Breakfast from their city in there. They complained and were told they were promised incorrectly.

Then recently they noticed they no longer had a photo with the listing on their web site. Sothey sent in an email and asked if they wanted a new photo. The publisher did call, but told them that they should have read the contract and that it did not include the web site (contrary to what he told his wife earlier in the day). He then went on a tirade of what did I expect for $500? That Bill Faubion and Dmon Neal had published 50,000 of these (crappy) books. Bill Faubion totally missed the point that this fellow was the customer. He left him feeling ripped off and unsatisfied. Now he is stuck with 12 of these crappy books. He is yet to have one solitary booking that he can attribute to his book.

Anonymous said...

You can find Morgan & Chase advertising on Craigslist for travel writers and claiming they are a big employer in Medford Oregon where they are closing libraries. Bill Faubion is a long time travel writer and has scammed many people for may yearts. Damon on the other hand does not have much written about himself except his political likeness toward Nazis

White Balcony said...

I got scammed by them also.. $488 for being "selected" for their write up in "Treasures of Colorado". It was when I first opened and I was naive.

The draft write up they sent was woefully misinformed (even though the guy interviewed me for over an hr). I rewrote it myself and sent it back.. but have yet to see any sign of the books they promised to deliver in May 07..

For anyone else out there.. don't work for these scumbags and DO NOT give them any money for anything!!!

Kyle Stich said...

Wow! Thanks for all the consumer reviews of Morgan & Chase. They definitely sound like bad news. Give 'em another couple years before it catches up with them.