11 July 2005

Submissions Today

I sent out thirteen poems to three journals today:

Two went to The Threepenny Review, five to Zyzzyva, and six to Weber Studies.

The following letter exemplifies the style of cover letter I sent to each:

Brad L. Roghaar, Editor
Weber Studies
Weber State University
1214 University Circle
Ogden, UT 84408-1214

11 July 2005

Dear Mr. Roghaar,

I am submitting six poems for your consideration. “Enter Today” and “Forging Human Authenticity” both attempt to bring warmth to alienated messages and products, junk e-mail in the case of the former and a mass-produced coffee mug in the case of the latter. “If I Was President” engages the dreams of children and how they propose to solve all the world’s problems. “Pick a Box” and “The Windows” comment on the confusing and often hidden nature of neighbors, and “The Snackening” relays my frustration with the desperation of Girl Scouts to sell their wares.

Here is a brief bio, in case you decide to publish any of my poems:

Kyle Stich aspires to be the next great trickster figure. His wife and two sons stand accused of encouraging his delusions. He calls the Pacific Northwest home and the cure for common writer’s block.

I hope you enjoy what you read and look forward to hearing back from you soon.


(a.k.a Rogue Writer)

enc. 2 copies of 6 poems —
“Enter Today”
“Forging Human Authenticity”
“If I Was President”
“Pick a Box”
“The Windows”
“The Snackening”

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