09 September 2005

Cell Phones: A Writer's Best Friend

Cell phones really are a writer's best friend, or at least, they can be.

While working on developing my writing service, I made the decision to activate my wife's old cell, and I mean old; providers don't even offer this model as loaners anymore. It does, however, feature one piece of hardware I've come to rely on: voice notes.

I don't believe they offer cell phones without voice notes anymore, or at least some variation. Stopping to write in my little notebook isn't always an option, so I whip out the cell, hold down the button, wait for that funky beep, and spout out fragments of my ingenious thought. Once a week, I transcribe them into my little black book.

This whole process saves me having to carry another item around with me. For the longest time, I considered purchasing one of those mini digital recorders as a way to get my ideas down. I'm a bit of a minimalist, so the idea of adding one more item to my messenger tote never seemed appealing to me. I don't receive many calls, maybe two a month, and most of them solicitations. I felt the acquisition of a cell phone may count as frivolity, but I needed a number in which potential clients could reach me without using my children as my personal secretaries; they both have Elmer-Fudd style speech impediments.

But, the forty some-odd ideas I've collected has made the cost worth it. Now, grand ideas can't escape into the collective creative aether. Now, grand ideas can make their way into the little black book. Now, grand ideas can find a home to ferment into future grand products. Thank you, Oh Inventor of Mobile Technology.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the new cell phone I purchased this summer comes with the worthwhile technology of voice notes which my old cell was lacking. I have been thinking of trying it out but it hasn't happended yet. Maybe your testimony will inspire me.