03 September 2005


This marks rogue writing's one-hundredth blog entry. In honor of this auspicious occasion, I've composed a flarfish prose poem containing links to a wide-breadth of the types of entries I've made over the last four months. Enjoy — Rogue Writer (a.k.a. Kyle Stich)

It wasn’t long after my first blog entry that I had a rewarding day. I suffered iambic frustrations. I went traveling the universe with my family, chopped my locks, and left my novella in wide open spaces. I also introduced The Body Erotic,

shared how I go about revising poems, and hurt feelings. After rejecting ceremony, while writing longhand, I discovered Writer's Digest offered a double feature of me. On my way to work, I hung out with Bettie and Jesus, and we figured out a way to characterize.

I asked readers to send me mail before connecting caffeine and creativity. The Crime News Syndicate had revisited Dharma Bums, and when HP VI is here, I make partially true predictions in my crafty picture alone. What if by doing the i-pod space, Gwen is a witch? I would like to thank those who write the blogs I read that inspire me on an otherwise uninspiring day. I invited readers to write flash fiction and to determine whether I’m misogynistic or complimentary

when I use this word in a sentence about how they see us making blackberry brandy to trade for crooked cowboy hats, thinking the horror!!!

(Regular blogging will continue in a couple days.)


Mr. B said...

Congratulations on making to 100. I just made it to 3.

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Anonymous said...

100--definately something to celebrate! I feel so behind on your life (can you tell I'm playing catch up)?