15 September 2005

Our Fish Killed Himself

Ode to Twitch

Tranquil aggressive fish
Bring peace to bullied tank

Pinky size to start
Jerky and lean

Grow to tasty girth
Silver warrior sheen

Big man’s thumb
Eats from the top

Brave Bala makes midnight
Break from invisible walls

Found stiff next to fridge
Early morning funeral

One year’s effort
Flushed like a turd

—Kyle Stich, 15 September 2005


Anonymous said...

Things I thought I'd never see on Martha
Sort of a surreal scene on Martha right now. Guest Diddy is telling Martha how he's a bath person and likes to use certain bath salts and in the morning.
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I’d love to meet you there.

Mr. B said...

First of all, what does the above comment have to do about anything? Back to the topic. We have had many fish who have decided to end it all. It was always tragic, and they never left a not.

Alona said...

attempting to fill our new 70 gallon tank now has me leery..lol Cross your fingers.

theresa said...

Sorry for you loss.
Wherever Twitch is, I'm sure he appreciates your effort to honor his life and death.
Well done.