30 September 2005

A Smile Isn't Enough

I hide behind a smile. I only have a fistful of friends, because I hide behind a smile. Most of my friends introduced themselves to me. Most people tend to think I'm just some nice guy with a life or a creep who's hiding behind a smile.

Now before I continue, I confess I possess the remedy. I just don't do it.

I tend to open my mouth to strangers only when they initiate the discourse. And, I see them all the time, these strangers, so much so, they have become a secondary family.

I wonder what my strange traveling companions are doing on the bus, where are they going, who's going to meet a friend for lunch, who's going to take care of a ninety-year-old woman, who's going to make love with an acquaintance, who's going to the park to sell weed, who's going to punch a clock like the three other people wearing the same shirt and shoes?

Who are all these people and why don't we know each other. I want to know all of them, but hide behind a smile if they look my way.

I possess the remedy. I just don't do it. I don't say "Hello!"

*(I admit it. I exaggerate here with the hopes of illustrating my desire to know about the workings of the people with whom I share a small town. I know a few more than a fistful of friends, but I would call the many people I do know "acquaintances.")


Anonymous said...

I tend to be the same way, Kyle. When I had my senior picture taken many people were upset because I didn't have a big smile in the picture I chose. But in reality the photographer had captured a deeper part of me--the thinker, the student, and the dreamer. Not just the smiling outside most people see. Anyway I can relate, but I tend to find that the older I get the more capable I am of maintaining a more worthwhile friendship. And you definately make it to my list of friends.

~^^~Elsie~^^~ said...

Hi Kyle: thanx for reading my poetry; could we e-mail each other? I love this verse. Reminds me of Dickinson in "I'm Nobody, are you nobody, too?"

On the other hand, I am an outgoing person, always smile and greet someone. I don't always get the smile or greeting returned, but I realize whatever we vibrate is returned.

Kyle Stich said...

Shannon - You are one of the exceptions, one of the persons I chose to chance it with. Maybe it's because you're so easy to talk with. Thanks for being a risk worth taking.

Elsie - Thanks for stopping by my blog. Of course, we can email each other. The verse is reminiscent of Dickinson. I hadn't realized that when I wrote it, but have realized my similarity to the reclusive greats. I often say I can never make it as a writer because I'm not addicted to drugs, booze, or trouble; maybe I need to reconsider that belief...

theresa said...

I read something else in this piece. I saw your innocence and idealism. You see that we are intricately connected to one another, while others might go about their busy lives missing such an important truth. You long to squeeze every ounce of life out of each and every day.