03 October 2005

The Greatest Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits albums are a controversial topic, controversial because we all have different choices for what should go on the album. If the band or artist is successful enough, the music company looks to the band's chart history to determine which tracks to include. Sometimes, the band is so obscure or so new that the music company chooses those tracks they highlighted on each individual album or the crowd pleasers at concerts.

Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits remains my ultimate favorite. I know, they're so old school, so mainstream, but I love it. Whether it's Christine McVie's soothing yet stern vocals, Stevie Nick's bewitching bravado, Mick Fleetwood's trip-de-la drumming, or Lindsay Buckingham's smooth rifts, I'm never left wanting more. I'm left feeling like Goldilocks enjoying Baby Bear's porridge.

I've listened to this collection since it debuted in 1988. I may go a few months without hearing it, but always return to it. The band's blend of magic, lust, and rock create the perfect sound for party music or as a CD to play while going to sleep. And making out to "Big Love," hmmmm, I don't know if anything else quite compares. Of course, I have many fond memories that accompany most of the songs on the album. Maybe that's why I love it so much.

What's your favorite Greatest Hits album? Does it stand the test of time? Can you play it over and over and it never loses that original allure?


theresa said...

You have great taste in music. I would definitely approve of a makeout session with a Fleetwood Mac soundtrack.

SuperTramp, Breakfast in America!
I know, Iknow! It's not a greatest hits album, but it may as well be. It's the very best, and all the songs are great. I still listen to it all the time and I never get sick of it ~ ~ although, the other people in my house swear their ears are going to start bleeding.

Anonymous said...

You know, I never realized it until I read your post, but we don't have much in the way of Greatest Hits CDs here at Casa de Casserly. I don't know why...

Although, we do have a lot of compilations, which is kinda sorta the same idea...i.e., the "greatest hits" of a variety of artists.


Kyle Stich said...

Theresa - I love Breakfast in America and have received my fair share of ridicule for it. But, those guys are GOOD!

Robert - Compilations are good, too. I really like the Luaka Bop collection of World Beat artists: Zero Accidents on the Job

Ruben said...

You know my parents love the Beegess and Earth wind and fire. Dear Lord they told me I was concieved to James Brown's "It's amn's world".

Anonymous said...

My off of the top of my head choice would be The very best of Sheryl Crow. I love "Everyday is a winding road" and "Soak up the sun". Fleetwood Mac is also a good choice though. Like Robert I have a lot of compilations and even some mixes.

Kyle Stich said...

First off, sorry everyone for not replying to your comments sooner; I've been offline for a couple days.

Ruben - That's too funny about the conception song. One of my brothers said my mom told him that the first time she orgasmed was to The Doors' "Light My Fire." He claims the song is ruined for him forever, that whenever he hears it he can't help seeing her "bust her nut."

Shannon - Sheryl Crow actually has enough albums to produce a greatest hits, I mean other than stuff from when she was a backup singer for Michael Jackson. You know Eric Clapton is one of her ex-es don't you? He was her "favorite mistake."