29 April 2008

I Don't Care for Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson takes himself waaaay too seriously!

Yeah, yeah. Many people I know would have my head for making such a statement. I can't deny that Richard is a skilled singer/songwriter, but his lyrics pander to a current audience. Many of his lyrics will not stand the test of time, sort of like those humorous "Anyone but Bush" stickers and tees.

His guitar stylings are super-formulaic. Any vagabond playing for money downtown can play like him. And his singing style is full-throttle serioso all the time. What's more, he seems to appeal to men only. I have never met a single female who likes Richard's music, but the fellows love him.

With that said, though, I do recommend that if you like emotionally deep vocals, cleverly biting lyrics and social commentary to check out Richard Thompson's work.

Maybe with time I'll come to appreciate him. For now, though, he's just too testosterone for my tastes, so much so that I just laugh when I hear him on the radio.


Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding, right? This is some sort of [ironic] gauntlet you're throwing down to provoke response and you're really a Thompson fan? Oh well. To respond then. First off, I'm a woman and an enormous Thompson fan. Huge. Everyone else seems boring in comparison, musically -- some other people can write good lyrics, but his music is so inventive that no one else seems to be trying in comparison. "Superformulaic"??? Of all the crazy things I've ever read about Thompson, that's got to be hands down the craziest. What are you listening with? It can't be your ears. Can't you hear all the crazy ways he mixes traditions that have never met in the same song before? -- Oh see -- the more I write, the more I think you MUST just be playing with me.....

Kyle Stich said...

Yeah, you caught me. I do actually respect his work. I just don't think he's as revolutionary as you do. He's like Bob Dylan in that respect for me. Amazing songwriter, but his singing and playing grates on me. Of course, he's miles above Dylan in terms of his musical talent.

I am still unconvinced that his music is timeless, though.

So, that's the first lady who's admitted to liking Richard's tunes. Any others out there? Tell me what a fool I am for writing such trash about a truly talented artist. Convert me already!