27 April 2008

Learn Photoshop with Me

Do you have Photoshop installed on your computer? Have you learned how to use it yet? If not, I bet you're probably using the manuals (or lack of) as an excuse.

Photoshop is possibly one of the most important tools for an aspiring one-person marketing team to learn. Illustrator's a good thing to know, too, but that's more for the artistic type versus those who want to manipulate images.

Let me tell you about a little site known as YouTube. Just do a search for "Photoshop," maybe throw in some specific keywords like "text," "fire," or "2.o," and you'll get a ton of easy-to-follow VIDEO tutorials.

I recently learned about these video tutorials through Smashing Magazine, one of my absolute favorite reads these days. Their first tutorials were text based, which are great if written effectively. Then it hit me. I was following these tuts anyway, why not create a blog as a way to aggregate them.

Allow me to introduce you to How to Use Photoshop.

I try to post at least one tutorial a day, and occasionally even follow it and post my results. Want to join me? For anyone who follows a specific tutorial that I post, I invite you to send me your results. I will then post your result along with a link to your site, profile, or whatever online presence you may maintain.

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