05 June 2008

Describing Dancing Ladies

I've started listening to classic rock again. The other day, I sat listening to Eddie Money's "Shakin'" when I noticed that (although really referring to some hot sex) the song painted a vivid image of a woman going crazy for music.

I flashed to another such song by Keller Williams: "Freaker by the Speaker." Keller's song has got to be the pinnacle of songs that describe a woman lost in the music. Every time I hear it, I see that girl with her binky sliding into a backspin.

This got me thinking about a great playlist: Dancing Ladies!

I would like to create a list that features one definitive song from each decade of Rock and Roll (no matter how loosely interpreted).
  • 1980s - "Shakin'" by Eddie Money
  • 2000s - "Freaker by the Speaker" by Keller Williams
Do you have a definitive song to add to the list from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1990s?


Freaker by the Speaker

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