04 June 2008

"A dork is a great thing to be."

During my pubescent years, I was most definitely a dork. I enthusiastically watched Robotech when others watch football. I loved roleplaying games, engaging in epic campaigns during my high school lunches. I always looked forward to my next opportunity to wear my naval uniform on Wednesdays as part of my requirements for JROTC.

None of these things were popular with the other kids, most of whom would rather hang out and party to the sounds of AC/DC and the taste of Purple Passion or Budweiser. I didn't care though. I loved Japanimation (as Anime was called in those days), Battletech and inspecting my cadets.

There was a recent guest(?) post by Sonia Simone over at copyblogger, called "Unleash Your Inner Dork to Become a Better Copywriter." In her post, she provides the best definition for a dork that I've ever seen:
"A dork is someone who’s not afraid to be excited."
Think about the last time you overheard someone call another a dork...
It probably wasn't said with any vehemence, more as a friendly prod from a friend. One person is talking a million miles an hour about the program their starting, or holding something in their hand trying to convince their friend to look closer at the subtle beauty of the thing, or trying to pinpoint the way their favorite drummer padiddles in a way that gets their heart racing. The friend will laugh and utter to their overly enthusiastic friend: "You're such a dork."

Well, if being enthusiastic about something makes you a dork, slap those taped up specs on my face and pull up my britches.


Anonymous said...

You will always and have always been one of my favorite dorks. - J

Kyle Stich said...

Thanks, Sis!