08 September 2008

Changing the Tack of My Rants

My posts here can sound pretty negative at times. I admit that nothing gets me writing quite as quickly as something that has set me off. Yet, I'm not what you would typically label a negative person.

Ironically, though, it is the things I post that are rife with negativity that tend to attract the most attention. Well... that and a crafty headline.

As to be expected with such posts, those who feel passionately in the opposite way usually have something really negative to say in return. I posted something that someone discovered via Google. They found my rant petty, but didn't catch the greater question I was posing. Well, I went back and read and re-read my post to see if I really was coming off as petty and mean-spirited as the person suggested. I wasn't.

Yet, somehow, I lost her to the rant. My writing, although clear and concise, evoked too strong of a negative emotion that distracted the reader from my main message (even though I ended with very clear questions). I was pretty irritated that they didn't actually get out of the post what I hoped they would get out of it. But the writer in me told me to take a breath.

This person's comment stood as a signal that even in my most cooled of rants, I can still lose someone to my emotions. Maybe I did drop the ball on that one and lost my readers in a jealous rampage. One things for sure, to this one reader at least, I failed in getting across my true message and call for dialog.

So, I have decided to put a much greater demand on myself. I am removing myself from my writing (for the most part, at least). Meaning, I plan to write in a distant and objective voice. My plan for all rants in the future is to write them as satire, to write them as if they are slated for publication on "The Onion."

You ready to laugh? After that last round of comments, I sure am! Welcome to the bitingly satirical Rogue Writing.

Some Upcoming Stories:
  • Berkeley Passes "One-World" Legislation
  • Nordic Man Sues Vatican for Reparations
  • Wayne & Stark Tried for Embezzlement
  • Marketers Lead Lemmings to Bridge to Nowhere
  • Ad Revenue Soars in Recession

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