09 September 2008

What Would You Ask Palin?

Looks like the McCain campaign isn't entirely convinced of their pick for John's running mate, first-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

According to an AP story posted on Yahoo! News, Palin has merely repeated the "greatest hits" from her acceptance speech given last week in Minnesota. She has said little else, and the media has not been granted any real Q&A time with her.

In contrast, Democratic Vice Presidential hopeful Joe Biden has addressed the media countless times, usually answering all questions thrown his way.

Why is Sarah Palin not allowed to stand up and speak for herself? What skeletons or otherwise embarassing mannerisms or philosophies are the McCain campaign afraid of leaking to the press? Do they not trust her to give quality or acceptable responses to the media's questions?

What ever their reasons, Palin's handlers need to let her loose, to let her step up to the plate and show she is capable of handling tough questions. It is part of the job she's vying for after all.

If you had the chance to ask Governor Palin one question, what would it be?

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